writer guidelines

writer tips and guidelines

Latterly is always seeking pitches and submissions for features and photo essays from all over the world. If you have a story idea you think we might be interested in, please read the following tips and guidelines before sending it to us.

  • Though certainly not required, we encourage you to subscribe and familiarize yourself with Latterly style. (Note: We’re still a startup, and virtually all the money goes straight to freelancers.)
  • We only want works of reported journalism that employ elements of narrative storytelling (plot, character development, etc.). We are not interested in fiction, poetry, personal essays or hard news.
  • Your pitch should convey the basic storyline and elucidate what’s at stake for the main characters in your story.
  • Our readership is global. Even though we encourage “local” stories, consider whether your story idea has universal interest. (We use American English, but also the metric system.)
  • You do not need to be a journalist to write for Latterly. But you do need to adhere rigidly to journalistic principles: fairness, accuracy, transparency. We submit each story to thorough fact checking.
  • If your story is similar in style or tone to another you’ve written or read, let us know. It helps us to see what you envision for the piece.
  • We are not hiring yet. Right now, we just want stories.
  • We pay $100 for photo essays and larger, negotiable rates for features.

We try to respond to everyone quickly, but sometimes it takes a week or more. If you don’t hear anything after two or three weeks, don’t hesitate to send a reminder. If your pitch is timely, you should mention why.

Please send pitches and submissions to